The Gods

The Founder Gods


Akrim – LE – Law, knowledge, magic, nobility, destruction. Morningstar

Illyich, “The Fallen/Risen One” – NE – Evil, Death, Knowledge, Magic, Artifice. Dagger – God of Undeath, actively competing with The Gatekeeper to be the dominant God of Magic. Formerly a mortal, given godhood by Akrim, and later betrayed Akrim and “stole” a large portion of his power. Now highly potent, and one of the most powerful gods in all the realms.

Bahst, “The Faceless, The Masked Lord” – NE – Charm, Death, Trickery, Darkness. Short sword – Patron of assassins, of murder for gain, of taking and never getting caught and never being suspected.

La’Mishta, “Mother of Monsters” – CE – Chaos, Madness, Str, Trickery. Trident. She who gave birth to the multitudes of monsters. Rarely worshipped by anyone civilized, though small altars are maintained in The Spike and other great cities, oftentimes simply to avoid offending her and attracting the ire of her creatures.

Broktal, “The Beast” – CE – Chaos, Evil, Destruction, War, Glory, Strength. Greataxe
-4 aspects of Broktal,
The Dragon, The Prime Aspect, the Highest Face
The Destroyer, wanton destruction
The Warlord, leader of the barbaric hordes
The Slayer – Seeks out mightiest opponents to battle and slay
Worshipped by barbarian raiders, orcs, and berserkers, Broktal believes mercy and kindness are weaknesses that plague the world and should be wiped out. Only the strong should live. Order and law are constructs of the weak.

Lovack – LE – Death, Destruction, Law, War, Tyranny, Str. Greatsword. – The Originator of the black guards. Anti-paladins. The evil god of tactics, war, strategy, and strength. His High Priest is a blackguard who sits on the Council of Nine, and his clerics and Blackguards are the officers of the armies of The Darklands.


Tovalus – LG – Glory, good, sun, law, war. Longsword. Good god of the Vanians. One of the strongest of the gods, he believes in kindness, generosity, strength, and believes that the strong should always protect the weak and innocent. The majority of the worlds paladins worship Tovalus.

Ay’Matahl – LG – Artifice, Earth, Protection, Str, Fire. Warhammer. God of crafting and building, of metal and stone work. Dwarves particularly revere him, though most smiths and crafters of the world hold him in high regard. His high priests hold secrets to building walls, castles, golems, and weaponry that are unparalleled by any other organization in the world of Teros.

Solaris – NG – Healing, Fire, Sun, Glory, Good. Scimitar. Goddess of the Sun, of Light and healing and glory. Hates the undead with a passion that can only by matched the Leafmother. Strong ally of Tovalus, who she often shares temples and churches with. Loves community and healing of the sick and wounded.

Shayalin, “Goddess of Second Chances” – NG – Community, Weather, Plant, Animal, Earth. Longbow. Goddess of community and farmers. Small villages particularly revere her, as her priests can bring good weather and rains for crops, help livestock growth, and keep herds safe from wild animals. Rural communities nearly always have temples to Shayalin.

Diedre, The Pathfinder – CG – Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel. Whip. Goddess of exploration and travel. Explorers often revere Diedre. She gifts her most faithful with long-vanished maps and helps them find their way when they are lost. Most town gates and crossroads have a shrine to Diedre.

Maximus, The Searcher – LG – Law, Str, War, Travel, Protection. Executioners Sword. The God Maximus has a smaller following that most others, but that following is incredibly loyal and universally known as great warriors. Maximus is searching for something lost in the Realm of Teros, and his acolytes help in his search. His followers often wield oversized Executioners Swords, massive blades that they dispense justice with, for they often act as wandering judges for communities that need them.

Cameroon Of the Salt – CG – Water, Weather, Luck, Chaos, Travel. Cutlass. God of luck, of noble pirates – Cameroon skirts the bounds of goodness. He doesn’t mind a bit of thieving now and again, as long as it’s needed….or fun. Cameroon loves the sea, and sailors everywhere revere him for his gifts of strong winds, clear skies, and good luck.


Montar The Civilizer – LN – Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Community. Crossbow. The god of cities and growth, of strong walls and strong peoples. Merchants, lords, and governents give priase to Montar, and he supplies them with governing insights and protection.

Avendar, The Swordsman – LN – War, Law, Strength, Glory, Travel. Bastard Sword. The Mercenary God, mercenaries and adventurers of every stripe give praise and give homage to Avendar. His gifts are few, but powerful to those who find themselves on the front line of conflict.

Death. N – Death, healing, knowledge, repose, darkness. Scythe. All things Die. Those souls who worshiped no god in life find themselves in Death’s realm when their time has come. Death is the quietest of the Gods, feared by many for his shadowed face and great reaping scythe, but his priests are welcome everywhere as they help those who are ready pass on to the next world. His Champion known as the Reaver is rarely seen, any only rises against those who would desecrate the Temples of Death, or in those very rare instances where Death wishes to actively participate in the events of Teros.

The Leafmother – CN – Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather, Earth. Spear. The protector of the wilds, of nature, of animals and plants and all things untamed. Elves and druids and many barbarians worship The Leafmother, and she gifts her faithful with protection from animals and poisons, and her hatred for the undead is unmatched except by Solaris.

The Gatekeeper – N – Magic, knowledge, Rune, Void, Artifice. Quarterstaff. God of Magic, of knowledge, of secrets and forgotten lore. Arcane casters revere him and seek his knowledge, and all power of the world pay him homage. He guards the Outer Gates so his attention is not always on Teros, but his servants are doubly vigilant and tend to pay a great deal of attention to the world of Teros.

Kurgan The Fair – CN – Luck, Travel, Glory, Knowledge. Sling. Often mocked for being the god of the lazy, Kurgan is deceptively powerful and adept and manipulating events in the world. Bards, rogues, travelers, and carefree wanderers of every sort sing songs to Kurgan as they walk the roads, beholden to none.

THE NEW GODS Dozens of gods of various powers, strengths, and abilities new to the universe have arrived after Akrims smashing of the Outer Gate, all escaped from the madness of the Void. New religions and faiths are springing up across the Teros in response to this immigration of divine beings. New cults, churches, faiths, and acolytes are seeking converts to the New Faiths.

The Gods

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