Session 5, 3/19/15

dividing the loot, then back to school!

After plumbing the remaining depths of the wizard’s tower and gathering up whatever portable swag remained (including several more gallons of the strange, clear liquid that had been so laboriously distilled), our heroes returned to Trek at the Tomb Breakers guild house. There followed an intense round of debate and hand-wringing as the various magical items were identified and divided up.

While some devices were handed out to individual party members, others were deemed useful or interesting to the group as a whole, including the Hilt of the Last Praetor (a piece of a relic), a token that allowed direct contact with the god Bast (safely stashed in a lead box), and a pewter sphere that neutralizes poison on contact.

Hoping to learn more about the Hilt and some other items, the team decided to head down to the School of Growth. There they met with Professor Valshan, a history instructor whose specialty was the Lost Praetor. He filled them in on the tale of a man cursed by Ilich to wander the earth, who was slain mere miles from his ultimate destination. He also suggested that the Armor of the Praetor was in a museum in Old Vanya, but he had no leads on the Blade. The Professor was amazed to see the Hilt, and asked the group to help him recover the other to pieces of the sword. Luckily, the Pommel Stone was known to be held on the lowest level in Ilich’s former home. Valshan offered to get the necessary paperwork to provide access to the area, requiring a few hours to get things together.

While they were waiting, the team headed over to the School of Alchemy to find out more about the strange, clear liquid from the odd distillery. It hadn’t had any apparent effect on Pseudolus when he drank it, but it must have had some sort of use, and judging by the alchemists’ reaction, it was something pretty major. Assistant Dean of Alchemy Kristof Mir explained that the liquid was the essence of anti-magic, and Pseudolus would be largely immune to magic, both hostile and benign, for some time. In fact, his sweat or blood could temporarily suppress magical properties of items.

After the excitement in the lab had passed, Pseudolus was sent to a small garden where he couldn’t accidentally disenchant anything, and the rest of the team headed over to Acquisitions to trade off more of their unwanted swag. There they met an odd young woman who proved to be the daughter of Headmistress Razia. She offered them an intriguing offer on behalf of her mother to investigate a mobile, intelligent island known as Demonreach. After a bit of trading and swapping, several party members ended up with some useful items, and the party picked up a set of Sending Stones for future use. They also had an interview with the Headmistress.

Razia explained a bit of Demonreach’s nature, and provided each party member with a Ring of Lightning Resistance, as well as a small pouch that she asked be covertly placed on the person of the current master of Demonreach, if possible. Her primary mission for the team is to scout out the island, learn its location and heading, as well as the current occupants The rings also served as a pass to use the School’s network of portals in the Spike, which would greatly speed up travel in the city.

After the meeting, the team returned to Professor Valshon, who had arranged for passes to the next public meeting of the City Council, after which he suggested the party sneak off to Ilich’s old house to find the Pommel Stone of the Praetor. Since the only person who regularly visited the location was Ilich’s High Priest, Kroff, the should have plenty of privacy to go about their larcenous business.

Finally, out of habit, the team checked in at the Tomb Breakers hall, and found out about a kill-only bounty. They also learned that they had fulfilled enough missions to qualify for full membership, but would have to make a trip to Trellis to finalize things.

Tomorrow, the party has an appointment on the lowest level to observe the Town Council, followed by some light housebreaking.

The party fund stands at 495 GP, cash money.

Next game is Thursday, April 2nd.



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