Session 4, 3/12/15

in to the dungeons deep

Reunited with Zeta at the Jester’s Rest, the team decides to try out another mission for Trek at the Tomb Breaker’s Guild. Given a choice between retrieving artifacts from a quarantined village’s church and exploring the sub-levels of a collapsed wizard’s tower, the group’s religious paranoia led them to choose the latter. As the site was close to the Spike, Trek only gave the team until the following evening to wrap up their exploration and return.

Trek also had a bit of gossip about Garik Mauve, the person the half-orc bounties had mentioned as having profitable plans for them. It turns out that Mauve is the man behind the Cage Drinkers chain, and is said to have plans to form a thieves’ guild in the Spike.

Before setting out, Corin stopped by the mage guild to trade the strange magic bone for a couple of more useful wands, attempting to secure an agreement to allow more study in future. While he did manage to get both a rod of the pact keeper +1 and a wand of secrets, his wizard acquaintance could not guarantee future access to the bone.

With borrowed horses and a cart, the team set out for the ruin of Ginlisk’s Tower, accompanied by a couple of Oona’s roadies. Quickly searching the three standing floors, the party discovered a pair of concealed shafts leading through the floors and walls to a subterranean complex.

Down one shaft, the team found a magical workshop, containing an active magic circle, a large chest-of-drawers containing both magical trinkets and deadly traps, and a powerfully warded door. After recovering a few items and setting off a couple of traps, Corin was reminded that there might be a being trapped in the circle. Addressing the apparently empty space in several languages, the team was surprised when strange words started scratching themselves into the ground inside the circle. Thanks to his recent studies, Corin was able to decipher the writing, quickly determining that a Being from Beyond was bound inside, and had been for some time.

After a bit of debate, the team elected to free the being in exchange for a future favor. A few minutes’ work prying up the precious metals of the circle were sufficient to break the ward, filling the room with darkness as the trapped creature expanded and left. Corin was the only one to see the thing in its true form, and was left with bleached skin and dead-black eyes.

Once the Being from Beyond was gone, the team returned to their explorations, opening a trap door that had been meant as a trap. The door opened into a large chamber full of refuse, with bars along one side, apparently once the lair of some fell beast long since dead. Rather than dealing with the bars, the team decided to return to the third floor and explore the other hidden passage.

This proved to lead to a damaged and flooded area that had served as an instruction and dormitory area. After some thorough searching and looting, the team found a well-hidden door that led to a verrrrry long flight of stairs that, after hours of walking, ended in a particularly intimidating door of strange metal, warded by powerful spells. Other than taking a few notes and poking it a couple of times, the party elected to let sleeping doors lie and made the long trek back up the stairs. Afterwards, Oona complained of hearing whispering voices, but it turned out they just wanted to give her some brutal song lyrics.

Climbing up then back down through the tunnels, the party headed back to the barred room, where they took advantage of a potion of hill giant strength to bend the bars after Thedis wasn’t quite able to spring the lock. Fortunately he had better luck on the barred door across the hall, which proved to contain a mass of carefully arranged bones (methodically blasted by Corin) and a large chest. The chest turned out to contain an undead snake thing, which leapt to the attack.

After a pitched battle, with spells flying and many blows struck, the snake was defeated. What further mysteries lie in the dungeons of the wizard Ginlisk?


We found a lot of magical and mundane stuff, as well as a bit of bullion. Items that we determined are magical are italicized.

4 10-lb gold bars, worth 500 gp each
120 gp in assorted coin
pouch of as-yet unappraised gems
silver, gold, and platinum scraps from a scraped-up binding circle
pried from a binding circle
6 bottles of elven liqueur
heavy crossbow (currently buried)

a lead box containing a very powerfully magical obsidian coin
a pen case containing something magical
a spell book containing spells up to 6th level
a burned-out wand
a sword hilt
potions: unknown, greater healing, resist lightning, healing, climbing, growth
consumed potions: hill giant strength, gaseous form
a dead light orb
a scarf with a vampire stitched on it
an 8-sided die inscribed with glowing runes
a crystal bottle filled with a greenish-purple liquid
a folio containing information, spells and rituals about the lost city of Valish
a pewter sphere inscribed with alchemical symbols, hung on a chain
a steel mirror etched with 12 eyes, one of which closed after Corin examined his new appearance
a bronze-reinforced right hand leather gauntlet
a bronze chariot on a necklace
a small quill pen

We also borrowed 8 horses from Trek, and purchased a pair of carts. Since we haven’t divided up loot, no changes to the party fund, which still stands at 284.5 gp.



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