The Wonders of the World


Baelon’s Blade and the Hall of Blades, located in The Spike, level 500.

The archmage Baelon Winterheart created this in the year AA 3034 blade. It is said that there is nothing – nothing at all – that it cannot cut. Legend has it that Baelon created this blade to first sever the soul from the Revenant King in vengeance for the deaths of his wife and children, and then to sever his own memories of loss from his mind, driving him slowly mad. Aware of his growing madness, his last act of sanity was to suspend the blade in magical stasis.

The Order of the Blade was founded on the belief that the blade is to powerful for any mortal to wield, and they guard the Hall of Blades. A thousand steel steps leading down into the bedrock walls of the Spike lead to Hall of Blades, massive steel columns ever watched over by the vigilant Bladesmen. The blade itself, a slightly curved single edged sword floats inside a translucent pilliar of crystal, encircled by a massive magic circle set into the floor. The guards stand silently in their gleaming armor, ready to strike any who dare step foot into the circle.

The Hand of Remembrances, Great Sea of Sands.

A seamless stone hand reaches out of the center of the great desert a mile high, as if reaching to the heavens. Older than the oldest histories, the hand is perfectly smooth and unworn from constant sands, though the hand itself has no magic about it, save mystery. Once a year, the great prophets of the Caliph Peoples who have made their home at the base of the wrist choose a pilgrim to ascend to the palm. That pilgrim, if they return, comes back changed, more than they were. Those who attempt the climb without the blessing of the great prophets tend to never come back – and those that do return twisted, warped, and mad.

The Hive of Trak, the Western Sea.

A hive-like city rising out of the western sea a mile from shore. A mountainous edifice visible for miles, the sailor peoples of Trak are amongst the most fierce traders and pirates on the Western Sea. Inhabitants live in the abandoned hive that resembles exactly the sort of place you’d get if you had bees the size of elephants. No one has ever seen one of the original dwellers of this place – or lived to tell about it if they did. The current inhabitants dwell in the areas above the water line, though explorers and adventurers from around the world arrive and attempt to delve into the multitude of underwater caverns and tunnels and explore the endless catacombs below, occasionally returing with strange and alien artifacts.

The Oracle, Western Reaches of the Southern Spine of the World

The Oracle is a powerful divine being who gives both blessings and curses to those who visit her. You may ask for a blessing of your choice, and though she will grant you that blessing, the balance must be maintained. Her valley is watched over by the Family of Duras, who’s patriarch long ago asked for immortality as his blessing, and was in turn cursed by being bound to never leave his great hall lest his immortality fade. He and his guards watch over the entrance to her valley, allowing entrance only to those who prove themselves worthy.

Starfall Crater, Northlands, eastern central road

At the time of creation when Akrim slew the Nameless One, the body of that dead god streaked through the sky, crashing into the ground with the force and rage only a betrayed god could muster. With his dying strength the Nameless God attempted to Sunder the world of Teros with the speed of his descent. He failed, but the crater his body left behind rent the earth for hundreds of miles, forming The World Scars, including The Great Rent, and Starfall Crater itself. The energies released over time have warped the area nearby, forming barely-finished mockeries of life and creation, each sharing the rage of their murdered patron. The great lake that fills the crater is home to the Starfall Stones, tiny grains of divinity. Though few return from expeditions to the lake, fewer still with the Starfall Stones, no one know how to access the divine energies held within. They are sold as near-priceless artifacts to wizards, kings, and museums…..and occasionally cults bent on unlocking their power.

The Nozan Grohn, surface of the Kingdom of Lies

The three great pyramids, Rokshar, Kek, and Finshar. Made of glistening white stone, each of the massive structures sit atop 20ft thick slab made of the same white mineral, blinding to those who gaze at it in full daylight. Built in the badlands and atop the Kingdom of Lies. The magic-killing mists that resulted in the Year of Loss are said to have originated here. Each pyramid has a single narrow entrance at the pinnacle, though few who enter ever return, and none who delve too deeply. Stories of underground cities, warring civilizations, city-sized chambers full of cursed treasures, alternate realities, and endless maze-like corridors are told by those lucky few who have made it out, though how much is fabricated and how much is true is often debated.

The Maelstrom, the eastern sea.

The Maelstroms Heart was placed in the sea east of the Spine of the World by Akrim to further separate the North and South. Within a year of dropping the Heart into the sea, the Maelstrom was born. Swirling hundreds of miles across, the whirlpool has become the final resting place of countless sailors and merchants who have braved the crossing. It is a sight that brings scholars and historians alike, as well as thousands of common-folk every year to the High Cliffs of the Spine to gaze upon the Maelstrom. Hundreds have mounted expeditions into the maelstrom to recover the heart and open the eastern sea to passage, all to no avail.

The Lost City of Valesh. Location unknown.

Countless legends tell of the lost city of Valesh, and the countless artifacts held within. Built by the greatest archwizard the world has ever known, Valesh built this city as a place of freedom from Akrim, and the world center of knowledge and learning. He brought together thousands of the worlds greatest wizards and sorcerers to dwell here, and the worlds most potent objects of arcane might were crafted inside its walls. The Seven Apprentices were chosen, and each given dominion over one of the Orbs of Valesh….including the orb that brought the city to ruin, the Orb of Dragons. When the Crimson King learned of the Orb, a weapon designed to slay and enslave dragon-kind, his vengeance was fierce. A gathering of nearly every dragon in Teros under the banner of The Crimson King attacked the city at dawn while Valesh and his seven were away, killing thousands of the worlds greatest arcanists. Hundreds of dragons died in the assault. Valesh, too late returning to the city to stop the destruction unleashed his full powers and somehow teleported the entire city away….to where, no one knows, though countless adventurers have tried to rediscover it, for tales of the legendary items crafted and left abandoned within still circulate amongst the people of Teros.

The Wonders of the World

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