The Spike

The Spike, capital of the Darklands

Home to the Council of Nine

1 Drakor –
2 – Dalken and Satch are currently currying votes for the 2nd spot on the council.
3 Seth
4 Samantha Silver Tongue
5 High Priest Akroph
6 Tytus, The Betrayer
7 Nikola, High Priest of Akrim
8 Promethia
9 Havok

Places of Interest

-Academy of Growth,
Headmistress Raziya,
Grandmaster Proke

Akila, adopted daughter of Raziya and Proke.

Master Smiths, spell casters, artisans, mercenaries, and spies.

—Valance Of Chord
Valance comes from the land of Chord far to the SouthWest. He runs an establishment that buys the debts of people in exchange for service – be it your own or someone else – it doesn’t matter. He pays for debts, and takes people in exchange for a set length of time.

—Vania in the spike
Travis Cordcutter, Paladin, Ambassador
Sir Leon Banehold, Inquisitor, special forces

Vania is actively recruiting peasants and commoners at an incredibly high rate, and training them for war with promises of land, homes, and places to work once the homeland is retaken.

—Utopia in the Spike
Hashin, Utopian Ambassador
alter ego, Nish

—Cage Drinkers, a chain of gambling and cage-fighting bars.

Trek, leads the office here, home office is TRELLIS. Offering pay for tomb exploration, ruin excavation, and bounties.

—High Temple of Illyich
Jakin, High Priest

The Spike

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