The Darklands


—The Spike, capital of the Darklands and former seat of Akrim.

—Town of Trellis, mayor takar, home of the Tomb Breakers
Tomb Breakers Recruiters Office, Lord Krishna O’tepka. The Cartographers also have a

—City of Harvest,
Lord Braylin, Mayor. Harvest is in the northern Darklands, and oversees the hundreds of small villiages that consider themselves part of the city of Harvest.

—Breakers Hall
This is the fortress that houses the Officer Academy, lead by Dreadlord Kalest, a blackguard of the highest order, outranked only by Tytus the Betrayer who holds a seat on the Council of Nine. Civilians are not allowed here without special invitation – those found here without invitations are executed for tresspassing. Few outside the Officer Corps know what happens here.

Built at the base of the Dragon Home Mountain, this town is goverened and primarily populated by dragonborn. They make their income from working black dragon scale into armor and decoration (50% of all proceeds going to the dragons that dwell in the mountain). Desolate surroundings, broken rock, rivulets of acid dripping down the mountain, this is a foreboding place. Jarsis Razorwing rules here, with the blessing of the dragons above.

This large city is home to the Elder Devil Krast The Black. He does not rule the town, merely resides. He appeared a dozen years ago, claimed the mayors home for his own, slew all who disagreed, and he does as he wishes. He is quite polite, however. The rest of the townfolk have slowly become acclimated to the presence of their own Elder Devil, and take pride in the fact that he “looks after” the townsfolk. Many strange rumors come from this town, though visitors rarely stay for long. Information is the main commodity here. Schools and academies dot the city, though few outsiders ever attend.

—North Gate
This wall fortress gate is a city unto itself. The center of the Northern Armies, lead by General Martok, drills and military exercises happen daily here. It is the only remaining gate in the Northern Wall, and the only pass into the Northlands.

Governor Garnet rules Cain and the western region of the southern darklands. Peaceful, progressive, and with a more relaxed attitude than the rest of the darklands,

The Darklands

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