The World of Teros

In the Spike


The party (sans Zeta, who got distracted and wandered off) had a meeting with Heshin, the ambassador from Utopia. Like Nish, Heshin blathered on about how misunderstood his nation was, how happy everyone there was, and how much we’d love it there. When asked about tourist spots, he mentioned the Great Mountain, a site sacred to the savage tribes who inhabited the area before the Utopia was founded, but now largely ignored. He also signed our visas, with a brief warning to watch out for bands of marauding ghouls, but the Dead Lakes are still awesome.

After making their way back to the top level (with a brief pause to look at the Hall of Blades, which hold the legendary sword Balon’s Blade), the team decided to look for gainful employment. Another attempt to meet with Sir Banehold met with failure, so the gang headed over to the local office of the Tomb Breakers, a guild of professional treasure hunters who occasionally jobbed out missions to nascent adventurers.

After learning of a nearby site that had claimed the lives of five other teams, our heroes elected to do a little bounty hunting instead. The first job was to capture the mage Kabul alive and return her to Trek, the local Tomb Breaker agent. She had been holed up on the top floor of a mid-range inn called the Boar’s Breath, so the team headed down to scout the place. After ingratiating themselves with the staff, the party learned that Kabul had been in the inn for several days, and apparently never came out, living off of room service.

After a poorly-executed plan involving dinner delivery yielded no results, Thedis picked the lock and the team rushed in, only to find Kabul ready for their attack. After a heated magical battle, during which several Thunder Wave spells woke up the whole neighborhood, Kabul was rendered unconscious and the team took a few minutes to search her room. In addition to a lot of books and research notes, the suite also contained an active magical circle, leading to some unknown plane.

After Sarice lifted a magical ring off of Kabul’s finger, he decided to step into the circle with it and promptly disappeared. After several minutes, during which the rest of the party attempted to figure out what had happened, a deep voice rumbled “Thanks for the morsel. How would you like to be repaid?” Thinking quickly, Corin shouted out “I want a magic wand!” which caused a bloody thigh-bone, incised with runes, to appear as the magic circle winked out.

Weirded out by the strange turn of events, the team alerted the Black Guard to the possible threat posed by the circle and headed back to claim their reward. Despite the loss of one of their own, the team decided to try their luck with another bounty, this one for a group of 5 dwarves who had reneged on a contract with the Tomb Breakers. There would be an added bonus if the party could recover the map and survey data they had been contracted to research.

After tracing the dwarves to a poorer neighborhood a few levels down, Oona was fleeced by a drunk, but eventually the team found the flop-house the dwarves were staying in. Corin rented a cot, and after dark let the rest of the team in to quietly thug the dwarves. A few botched Stealth roles later, and both sides were in a stand-off as the dwarf leader threatened to burn the book of research the team hoped to collect. He promised to surrender if the party would listen to his story first.

According to the dwarf, his clan was hired to map a cavern complex, and were wiped out by the monstrous inhabitants. They did find a cavern filled with gold, gems, and other treasure, but were unable to cross the river of magma that protected it. The dwarves claim to have lost almost 250 members of their clan on a mission they were told was safe. Despite the sob story, the team elected to turn the dwarves in, anyway, but Oona and Corin tried to impress upon Trek that the Tomb Breaker who set up the mission might have been dirty dealing. They turned over the book without copying it, although they did make a mental note of the location of the cave complex.

Heartened by this success, the team decided to try taking another bounty the next day, this time for a trio of half-orc warriors and the item they had failed to hand over, a clear stone on a chain. After a couple of nights fooling with the thigh-bone without figuring out anything about it, Corin finally shelled out for an Identify spell from a local wizard. The wizard was quite impressed with the item, and offered to buy or trade for it. The wand was called the Death of Sargoss, and had a few interesting powers.

Death of Sargoss
-It must be attuned, and has 6 charges, regaining 1d4+1 at midnight. As with most wands, using the last charge has a 1/20 chance of causing it to crumble to dust. For 1 charge, the wand deals 4d6 fire damage and two levels of exhaustion to a target in 60’; a DC 17 Constitution save negates the exhaustion and causes the caster to take it instead. For 4 charges, the caster takes Xd20 necrotic damage to deal Xd20 necrotic damage to a target in 60’, where X=the caster’s character level.

The wizard that identified the wand has a standing offer to purchase it, or trade it for 3 wands from his personal collection. Although Coring would like to try out the Death of Sargoss for a bit, he is inclined to take the trade. Items that would make a good swap include:
-Rod of the Pact Keeper +1 (uncommon, if this counts as a wand)
-Wand of Magic Detection (uncommon)
-Wand of Magic Missiles (uncommon) -Wand of Secrets (uncommon)
-Wand of the War Mage +1 (uncommon)
-Wand of Web (uncommon)

Each PC also received 350 GP as their share from bounties and selling swag. We have also established a party fund which stands at 270 GP. After a brief discussion, we have voted to include Zeta in the split, despite her absence, in the spirit of teamwork. We should also look at coming up with a group name, and possibly a charter. See everyone tomorrow!


A group of indentured servants, sold into temporary slavery for a variety of reasons, gain their freedom on the same day. With a vast world of opportunity ahead of them, the group sets out to make their mark. They are:

-Pseudolus, a human athlete who volunteers for sneaky stuff.
-Oona Onyx, a half-orc noble punk-rock bard.
-Thedis, a light-fingered wood elf with some interesting connections .
-Sarice, a wood elf druid with a knack for forgery.
-Zeta, a wood elf cartographer who wins fist-fights with bears.
-Corin, just a guy….

After a few hours poking around town, Corin suggested that signing up for the crusade to retake Old Vanya would be a good route to fame and fortune. After a fairly underwhelming meeting with the recruiter, the group discovered they had a couple weeks to kill before the next caravan to the rallying point would leave, so they headed to a bar with Oona to watch her perform.

As the concert wound down, a mysterious hooded figure put the mental whammy on the bard, causing her to wander out into the street. By the time the rest of the team caught up with her, Oona was standing mindlessly in the road holding a scroll, and the cloaked figure had vanished. The letter proved to be an invitation to dinner with a representative of the newly formed kingdom of Utopia.

Suspicious of an invitation from the undead nation, the group headed back to the New Vania embassy for some advice. Once they had revealed the reason for their return, the heroes were invited to meet with Sir Leon Banehold, an inquisitor who asked them to attend the dinner, find out what was up, and slaughter their host if it turned out to be some undead other than the official ambassador from Dead Lakes, the Utopian capital. He also got everyone to sign a book that displayed some magical properties.

At the dinner, the team met a man call Nish, a representative of the ambassador Heshin. He spun a good tale of the greatness of the undead utopia and their wholly undeserved reputation, paid off Oona for his flunky’s mental mojo, and offered the whole group tourist visas to explore the Dead Lakes region. Somewhat confused by the whole thing, the group headed back to their inn, and sent a letter to Sir Banehold for advice.

Lacking any response from the inquisitor, the team decided that getting the visas stamped would be a useful thing to do, as it would provide a good chance for some espionage into the Utopia. Taking the express lift to the lowest levels of the Spike, the heroes found themselves with some time to kill, so they headed to the museum of religion to kill some time (no need for lunch thanks to Sarice’s Goodberries.) Oona decided to pray to Broktal, which actually elicited a response from the god’s icon.

Play ended here. Swag for the session: 12 vials of holy water, a holy symbol of Tovalus (belongs to Sir Banehold, creates a brief flash of sunlight when the god’s name is spoken), 12 gems (worth roughly 110 gp each)



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