4/16 Session

things started out so peaceful...

Our band of itinerant adventurers finally set off with a large body of crusaders, secretly transporting the three sacred bladed of Lord Sothis to New Vanya. The first few days were tedious and uneventful, marching hard to get the new recruits into some sort of shape for the upcoming campaign. The team blended in as best they could, undertaking various duties just like the other tenderfoots.

The army took a brief rest at Trellis, home of the Tomb Breakers guild, so our heroes took the opportunity to check in and get their credentials as full members. After a meeting with the head of the guild, Lord Helkin, Corin stayed behind to pass on some hints about what was hidden away in Ilich’s vault, which immediately catapulted the group to second rank. They used this promotion to do a little research in the library, then returned to the army and headed out of the Darklands.

During a layover at a small town outside the great wall, a massive attack by dragons and Black Guards, accompanied by hooded figures, sent the city up in flames and the Vanyan army to flight. Taking a lead case (probably holding the three holy swords), the team ran off, protected from pursuit by the magic of Cerwin’s staff. After several days without contact, the group elected to turn southeast and make for New Vanya on their own.

Other than the discovery of an ancient tomb containing an unkillable evil, the journey across the wilderness was largely boring, hours of riding with brief breaks for goodberries. An encounter with a band of young hill giants and their pet wolves demonstrated the wisdom of Corin’s engineering work before camping, although it seems the entrenchments will need to be wider and deeper in future.

What horrors await our crew of fortune-seekers as they thread the gap between the Kingdom of Lies and the forbidden forest?



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